Just a Farm Bitch – Violett Animalsex DVD


  • Running time: 90 min.
  • Works with all regions.
  • MPEG2 – all digital.
  • DVD5 Pal and NTSC.
  • Hardcore animalsex.
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Violett animalsex is back with more kink!

Violett is a hot blonde with that love her animals more then anything else. Better then that, she also love to fuck them. She live by the words “what happens on the farms, stays on the farm”. Because she loves her animals so much, thay love staying with her.

The sexy blonde is a really horny piece of work. She need some beast cock over and over, she can do this all day and then some more. Violett also like her boy, so she jumps from cock to cock. She does not care if the cock sits on a man or an animal, as long as she gets fucked. This blonde also love to suck cock, which makes her very popular with both man and beast.

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